The WGMI community is who we are, it's why we exist.
The community is at the core of everything we do. The WGMI ecosystem is being designed such that each area interacts in a way that maximises its collective growth. As the ecosystem grows, it's the WGMI members who benefit.

Building. Together.

We know the way we build something special is by using our community to guide us. What's unique about Web3 and social tokens, is that we have the ability to find product market fit before allocating resources.
Think about how crowdfunding works. Founders, or inventors, are able to receive funding from people who believe in their idea and want to use that product or service. It's a way for these founders to understand if there is a demand for their idea before allocating their capital and time to pursue the idea.
We'll apply a similar model to how we approach our ecosystem build out.
Currently, we're laying the foundations - building the plumbing if you will.
We'll demonstrate some of the possibilities and then put forward our proposals for what we're most excited to build next. The WGMI members will vote for which idea they want implemented next. Then that's what we'll build.