Rewards Platform

Opportunity For All.

We're laying the foundations for a completely new model of incentivising participation, and giving members the opportunity to earn outsized rewards.
Token models so far have only succeeded in making those with the largest stake the greatest beneficiaries. We seek to change this. We subscribe to the idea that all participants should have an opportunity to truly 'Make It'.
We want to create an ecosystem where someone can start with no stake in the ecosystem, only active participation and engagement, and can work their way up to holding a significant stake in WGMI through the earning of rewards.

A Platform For Rewards.

We've built a rewards smart contract where we can seamlessly allocate prizes and rewards to our holders. We've now built the infrastructure and capability to build a number of different front-facing products. These will be designed for fun and entertainment, but underneath, our rewards platform will be the mechanism that brings it all together.
We'll shortly be integrating leaderboards where people can track themselves against their friends within the community. This adds another layer of engagement.
Ultimately, we want to offer a varied schedule of challenges and competitions. Once we've found the format that brings the most value to our holders, that's where we'll focus.