Our Platform

We really want to create an immersive, interactive social impact journey for the WGMI community. We feel too often, people donate to charities but then have no visibility of their donation impact.


We're building an interactive 'donation' platform that will be integrated with our rewards platform. Where at a minimum, 15% of all rewards distributed to members will be automatically distributed, or 'donated', to the charity platform. Community members are empowered to increase this amount as they wish. We believe that by really showing people where their donations are going, there will be more generous donations. It's a really exciting prospect.
Another way we think we can compound this effect is through a donation leaderboard. Alongside the leaderboard for rewards, we'll have a leaderboard based off % of winnings donated.

Tangible Charity Work.

We'll be onboarding charity partners to the platform who are able to lay out specific milestones for their work, with tangible information for how the donations are used. Members are able to cast their vote, which decides the weighting of the periodic donations to these particular charities.
We'll limit the partners that are onboarded so we can really focus on driving change within their particular scope of work. We'll also look to the community for suggestions for future charities to be onboarded.
This really is something that has never been done before, and we're just so inspired by the prospect of what we're building here.
In the interest of transparency. This is a challenging build out and will come in phases.