Fee Collection

We collect an 8% fee on buys and sells of the $WGMI token. This enables us to bootstrap the ecosystem and maintain our status as community owned.
These fees are used 100% to support the growth of WGMI. The WGMI treasury will hold the funds and make regular distributions to 4 key ecosystem areas. We'll detail each of these areas.

Ecosystem Areas

1. Prize Fund

The prize fund is to be used exclusively for rewarding the community through the challenges, competitions and events.

2. Investment Fund

The investment fund exists to help facilitate a sustainable economic model for the WGMI ecosystem. It's purpose is to grow steadily over time and pass back profits to fuel further ecosystem development.
We currently have a model for profit distribution of:
  • Ecosystem Fund: 60%
  • Prize Fund: 25%
  • Social Impact: 15%
For greater detail, refer to our 'Investment Strategy' page

3. Marketing & Development

We believe the best form of marketing is organic. Our focus will be on creating value for the community, with the belief that this will serve as its own marketing tool. That said, we will have planned, strategic marketing initiatives. These will be focused on new product rollouts and through our charity lead challenges.

4. Liquidity Provision (LP)

Having a strong liquidity pool is extremely important for the long-term viability of the project. Greater depth of liquidity allows for larger transactions, with minimal slippage. Further, if liquidity is actively increased as price increases, it essentially creates a rising price floor. It now takes more selling volume to revert the price increase than the causal buy volume.
We'll be regularly using treasury funds to make strategic additions to the liquidity pool.
A more detailed deep dive into these dynamics will be released as part of our educational content.

Ecosystem Fund

The Ecosystem Fund exists to act as a community reserve.
It's purpose is to fund future developments within the ecosystem. The team, and later our most valued members, will put forward proposals for how the funds could be used. The $WGMI holders will vote for which proposal they most want to see be developed.